Spiritual Guidance from the Lake of the Sky

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Reverend Sarah Reeves, Reiki Master Teacher, is a long time local of Lake Tahoe.

Offering Spiritual guidance and ceremony.

Using a combination of wisdom teachings, including Native American, Reiki wisdom, Celtic, Nature, and Eclectic beliefs to bring you and your surroundings into alignment.

She draws on intuition and guidance from Angels, Ancestors, Natures Elements, Meditation and Reiki.  

Reverend Sarah Reeves

Reiki Master Teacher


Cleansing your Space

  We live in the space we inhabit.

Whether it is our home or office.

Creating a space so we can feel comfortable is important. 

Clearing stagnant energy, helps us to raise our vibrations and get us into flowing with our own vibration again.

Reverend Reeves works with you to create a blessing and clearing with meditation, prayer, and intuition.

Consider a Blessing when starting a new endeavor, moving, when Seasons change, or the energy around you feels stagnate.
A energy clearing or blessing can be
crafted to match Your personal needs.


Weddings. Memorials. Life Passages

Tahoe is ideal for Weddings and Ceremony

​The place itself offers a beautiful and serine backdrop for your special events. 

Reverend Reeves is honored and excited to help you celebrate your Ceremony.

Whether you want something traditional or out of the ordinary.
She also is open to the LGBTQ+ community.

She is over joyed to make your event a time to remember.

She is also open to performing ceremonies for non-traditional couples too. 

Readings & Healings

Sometimes we need a little insight into the direction we want to go.

Reverend Reeves has been an intuitive for a lifetime, and offers her guidance in a honest and loving way.

She is familiar with using Tarot, Divination, Numerology, Astrology, and Reiki healing. She blends wisdom of current astrological and lunar cycles to help you better understand the energies the universe is working with. At the time you seek your questions and answers.  

Seasonal Meditation Tools

Tools for meditation, gifts, and more.
Dream Catchers, Wands, Sun  catchers, & Pendants. Handcrafted with the elements, and Reiki energy infused. Each item is one of a kind. There are no multiples of any one item. So if  you would like to purchase any of the handcrafted items. Please feel free to email me. Also include the item name & number. I would be happy to help you. I'm also willing to ship outside of the U.S. just contact me for info. & shipping cost.


$38.00 each.

includes U.S. shipping prices

please inquire about outside of U.S. shipping prices.

Green adventurine, glass beads, & leather back, comes with cord
Ruby zoisite, glass beads, leather back, comes with cord
Rose quartz, glass beads, leather back, comes with cord
rose quartz, glass beads, leather back, comes with cord


Smudging Wands

$68.00 to $88.00

includes U.S. shipping prices. Please inquire about outside of U.S. shipping.

Clear quartz, Ostrich, Pheasant, Rooster, & Peacock feathers, wrapped with leather
Clear quartz, Ostrich, Pheasant, Rooster, & Peacock feathers, Wrapped with leather

Crystal suncatchers Lg.

$38.00 includes U.S. shipping. Please inquire about outside of U.S. shipping.

lead crystal with glass and fancy jasper beads
lead crystal with glass, mahogany obsidian, and turquoise beads
lead crystal with glass, fancy jasper, and snowflake obsidian beads

Tarot, Numerology, & Astrology Readings

Would you like to open a window to the path your going down? So you can make adjustments if you feel it's necessary. Tarot is great for that.

Numerology is a way to open yourself to your life's purpose. It gives you idea's of your strength and weakness. So you can accomplish your goals. 

Three card Tarot Reading $40.00 usd

Full Card Tarot Reading $70.00

Numerology Reading $140.00

Blessing Boxes

Blessing boxes for your own DIY blessing or ceremony.
Full moon, purification, new job, etc.
Herbs, crystals, candles

pre-prepared specifically to your individual needs.

Also includes instructions and guidance.

Special Order ONLY
Reverend Reeves will contact upon payment.

Small Blessing Box


Medium Blessing Box


Large Blessing Box


Donations Welcome

If you feel that Reverend Reeves has helped you in any way. Please feel free to show her your appreciation with a donation.

Reiki Healings

If you feel you need a healing boost, or just get a jumpstart on your own self healing.

Reverend Reeves, Reiki Master Teacher, can assist you along with the care of you regular doctor's treatments.

She is a vessel to transfer the universal life force energy to you. That energy is then received by the person accepting the treatment.

30 min. Distant Reiki Healing

$40.00 USD

In person Reiki Healing

I come to you.

(Local Area only)


Alchemy oils for healing.

Enjoy our Daylight Bliss or Midnight Flora for whatever mood you maybe in. Weather day or night. We have the scent that suits you.

$ 10.00 each

price includes shipping

Citrus and floral notes
Floral and cherry notes

Dream Catchers

$38.00 Each

includes U.S. shipping prices.

Please inquire about outside of U.S. shipping prices.

Plum branch, glass & metal beads, peacock & rooster feathers.
Willow branch, glass & metal beads, pheasant & peacock feathers
Willow branch, black onyx, lapis, & amethyst beads, Rooster, peacock, & pheasant feathers
Willow branch, black onyx, & amethyst beads, rooster feathers
Plum tree branch, lapis & caribbean calcite beads, ostrich feathers
Plum tree branch, crazy lace agate & fancy jasper beads, peacock feathers
Plum tree branch, clear quartz & black onyx beads, Pheasant & peacock feathers
Plum tree branch, amethyst & lapis beads, roster & ostrich feathers
Plum branch, African turquoise & Caribbean calcite beads, pheasant & peacock feathers
Willow branch, clay, glass, wood, and metal beads, peacock & rooster feathers
Willow branch, clay and wood beads, Tahoe bird feathers

Daily Card

Friday's Card 6/24/22

Charismatic, Creative The Father of Wands is a man of mystique and charisma. Others are drawn to him naturally, and he welcomes them with an open and loving heart. Usually you'll…

Wednesday's Card 6/22/22

Charming, Adventurous The Son of Wands is a true charmer. He's handsome and adventurous and seems to say all the right things. Some call him the "white knight" of the tarot. But…

Tuesday's Card 6/21/22

Memories, Childhood, Joy A card of beautiful implications, the Six of Cups focuses on the magic and innocence of childhood. The roots of years past are alight with color and…

Monday's Card 6/20/22

Forceful, Determined A dynamic creature, the Son of Swords is a man of action, not of grace. He pushes forward toward his goal with urgency and determination. To top it off, he's…

Sunday's Card 6/19/22

Love's Beginnings Aces mark the beginning of exciting new phases. Since the suit of Cups deals specifically with love and emotion, your in for a real treat. Expect to enter a…

Saturday's Card 6/18/22

Insightful, Psychic The Mother of Cups rivals the High Priestess with her natural psychic abilities. She's a gentle, tranquil woman whose insights bring healing to those around…


Call or email us with any questions you may have.

Voicemail and email are checked personally by Reverend Reeves

several times daily.

She looks forward to serving your Spiritual needs